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Powers our Advocacy & Campaigns team to continue to put pressure on our government for long term systemic change
Funds our Paralegals to support refugees in detention and provide all the vital administrative work relating to each individual case
Enables our Solicitors to provide expert legal advice and representation to people facing inhumane policies and mandatory detention

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Your support can help provide legal aid for refugees and people seeking asylum through our specialist Human Rights Law Program.
Your donation can also power the voices of refugee leaders by funding the ASRC programs and platforms training them to become powerful refugee rights advocates.

Your donation can power complex legal work by the Human Rights Law Program

The ASRC's highly skilled legal team of lawyers covers breadth and depth, from work rights applications to complex High Court proceedings, targeting need and urgency.

For years we’ve been working with people in detention as a priority, taking the cases of people who had been held up to ten years until their release.

Why is your donation crucial for refugee justice?

The ASRC can only remain fiercely independent (not taking Federal Government funding) because of your support. With your donations, we’re able to target our advocacy and legal services where they are most needed.  Together we can enable our efforts to end mandatory, arbitrary and indefinite detention so that people can live safely, with their human rights and dignity upheld, and rebuild their lives.

“We didn’t get any proper treatment as we got our refugee status. They didn’t look after us, we were denied healthcare, showers, telephone, clothes. It was not safe, especially for the kids and single women."

Betelhem; Human rights activist and refugee formerly held in Nauru.

Help us grow the impact of our Legal and Detention Rights Programs

In 2023, we achieved significant wins for the human rights of refugees and people who sought safety but instead, were put in mandatory detention.