Become a Champion of Change

As a Champion of Change, your regular contribution will provide food, housing, healthcare, legal aid, education and training to thousands of people each year. Collectively with supporters from across the country, you’re helping to create positive change and hope for a brighter future.

The Impact of Your Monthly Gift

With no Federal government assistance, much of our funding comes from the community, which means your ongoing support is critical in helping the ASRC keep its doors open.

Choosing to give monthly allows you to select an amount that works for you, in a way that also delivers maximum impact, ensuring that when a person seeking asylum walks through our doors they are not left hungry or homeless.

As a valued Champion of Change you will receive:

  • A welcome pack detailing how your monthly commitment is changing lives.
  • Regular updates on how your support is making an impact.
  • Invitations to special ASRC events.
  • Discounts at the ASRC Shop to treat yourself or a loved one to a ‘gift that does good’.  

You will help to support

Fresh Food

The Foodbank provides fresh produce and groceries to around 1,000 people each week, most of whom have no income. We also provide hot meals each day, so people can come and share a meal together and build connections.

$40 can help provide food and essential groceries for a family so people have enough food to put on the table to feed their families.

Safe Housing

We provide around 109,200 nights of shelter across the year and support around 1,020 people with their basic needs of living.

$22 can help provide people seeking asylum with access to safe housing so they can start to rebuild their life knowing they have a roof over their head.

English Skills

Our English classes give people the opportunity to learn English that's useful for work and day-to-day life. This ensures people seeking asylum and refugees can have the best chance of settling into the community and feel a sense of empowerment.

$70 can help with English classes tailored for the workplace and day-to-day life in Australia.

Pathways to Employment

Our aim is for our refugees and people seeking asylum to become skilled, independent job-seekers in their own right, as well as work-ready candidates for roles we have sourced. We support people to find their preferred work, succeed on the job, and progress their careers in Australia.

$60 per month will help identify their transferable skills and experience, map their employment pathway and teach them effective ways to find and sustain employment.


Our health clinic provides a range of primary health services to around 1,470 people seeking asylum every year, prioritising people without access to Medicare. We are one of the only lifelines for people seeking asylum for basic medical care, immunisation support and medicine.

$85 a month can help to fund a month’s worth of vital medicine and healthcare for one person.

Free Legal Assistance

Our team of lawyers and volunteers give people access to legal advice at every step of their asylum seeking process. We also work tirelessly to provide legal support and advocate for securing the release of people in detention.

$100 a month could provide a person seeking asylum with legal assistance and critical case work.

Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible. Funds raised by the ASRC are used to advocate for, support and empower over 7,000 people seeking asylum and refugees each year with the provision of support, food, housing, material aid, medical assistance, legal aid, counselling and employment services.

If you have any further questions or would like to make your donation by phone please call us on 1300 692 772 Monday-Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get a tax receipt?

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You will receive a tax-deductible receipt in July after the end of the financial year.

Who should I contact for assistance with my donation, receipt or communication preferences?

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You can call us on 1300 692 772 during business hours or email to change your donation amount, update payment details or replace a lost receipt.

How will my donation make an impact?

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Your ongoing support will help us plan for the future to provide for people seeking asylum. 

Thanks to the compassion and commitment of our Champion of Change community last year we were able to support and empower more that 7,000 people by providing:

  • 36,252 food packs were distributed to ASRC members and refugees in Victoria
  • 109,213 nights of shelter were provided to 514 people.
  • 5,474 patient health appointments were accessed by 1,470 patients at the clinic. 
  • 1,087 people on average accessed Foodbank each week, 90% of people on average had no income
  • 1,111 people received legal assistance, 18 people were released  from detention with visas, 43 temporary or permanent  protection visas secured and 55 families supported with Fast Track interviews.

You can view the latest version of our Annual Report to see achievements, snapshots of examples of how we’re working towards our goals and commitments, and details about our finances for the last financial year.

What are the other ways I can get involved?

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Thank you for considering.

There are so many ways you can get involved in to support people seeking asylum. You can take part in one of our Run for Refugees events, host a Feast for Freedom, or organise your own fundraising event. You can also volunteer or advocate for us. 

Go to our ‘Get Involved’ page to explore all opportunities.