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Fund a Safe Winter for Refugees

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Can put food on the table for people seeking asylum this winter
Can help cover the costs of essential medicine for a baby with health complications
Can provide housing support and crisis accommodation for a family who is at risk of homelessness

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Impossible Decisions: Housing or Health

How can anyone choose?

Medicines or rent? Paying for food or bills?

These are the decisions many families seeking asylum have to make while they find their feet in Australia. 

Choosing between safe housing and paying for medicines shouldn’t be a decision that anybody has to make. But unfortunately, it is an impossible decision that people seeking asylum and refugees often have to face because their basic human rights continue to be denied by our Government. 

You can help the ASRC provide relief for families that otherwise would lack essential medications or be at risk of homelessness in the cold months of winter. 

Donate now online or by calling 1300 692 772 (1300 MYASRC)

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Your donation will go towards:

Supporting families seeking asylum to secure safe housing

Paying rental arrears so that people can stay in their homes and plan for their future

Providing people at risk of homelessness with crisis accommodation
Providing health consultations to support people experiencing mental illness or chronic issues
Paying for prescriptions and ongoing medical expenses

"When I was living in shed with my baby... I was freezing, and alone. Those days were full of sad thinking, confusion and hunger.”
- Hajira* - Mum seeking asylum.

Being on a bridging visa without the right to work or to receive any sort of Government support, Hajira is faced with deciding between whether to feed herself, her daughter, put money aside for rent, or meet her and her daughter’s healthcare needs. 

Give what you can this winter so mothers like Hajira don’t have to make impossible decisions about food, housing and healthcare.