It takes someone like YOU to ensure our team can be here for people seeking asylum.

Give what it takes to provide the best opportunities to our community.

Every day, the ASRC team works to provide the best kind of support to people seeking asylum. But the work of our team of professionals - nurses, lawyers, caseworkers, employment specialists, dedicated volunteers and other experts, wouldn’t be possible without you. 

Every part of the team is integral to helping people navigate the challenges imposed by unfair policies and incredibly complex systems, and together with your support, we keep providing the best possible outcomes to help people seeking asylum.

Someone like you can make that difference today.

When you give what it takes, you are equipping our team with the best training, knowledge building and tools to help rebuild someone’s life. 

ASRC’s wrap-around support for people is a whole team effort. This includes: 

  • crisis accommodation, if sleeping rough, 
  • assisting with rent, ensuring they can access healthcare and have a phone, 
  • ensuring they don’t feel isolated or alone,
  • giving them support and guidance to find paid work, and;
  • working with an ASRC lawyer to progress their visa status.

Can you give what it takes to enable opportunity for refugees and people seeking asylum?

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Makes the work of our expert frontline staff possible - nurses, lawyers, caseworkers, employment specialists
Can fund technologies to help our staff communicate in real-time with people to rapidly respond to their needs
Supports the mentorship, training and education in our Social Enterprises to empower people to gain Australian work experience

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*Name changed and stories amalgamated to protect the identity of people seeking asylum