Power a Movement Advocating
for Fairness and Equality

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Sponsors more future leaders to participate in the ASRC’s Community, Advocacy and Power Program
Powers our Advocacy & Campaigns team to keep the pressure on our government to end unfairness and inequality
Enables our lawyers to continue to provide critical legal advice and representation to people facing up to Australia’s inhumane policies and processes

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Your support puts people with lived experience front and centre to lead the change that refugees need to rebuild their lives in Australia.

Refugees deserve a fair go and safety nets

As part of our community of compassion, you can help ensure that people seeking asylum have a seat at the table where decisions about refugee rights are made. Whether it is facing the challenges of today’s cost of living crisis, or access to the basic rights to work, study and healthcare, the ASRC will continue working in partnership with leaders with lived experience advocating for a safe, sustainable, independent and equal future for all refugees.

How is your donation enabling a fair go? 

  • By allowing us to work and advocate with refugees towards long-term systemic change.
  • By supporting training initiatives for future leaders with lived experience, such as the Community, Advocacy & Power Program.
  • By helping our refugee leaders to ensure they are heard by politicians while they demand a Safety Net for all people seeking asylum.

You can stand alongside fearless advocates like Betia to demand a fairer future, and a fair go for all. Together with people seeking asylum, we can ensure they have access to justice and basic safety nets.

"When I first came to Australia I felt I had escaped my fears of living under a cruel government. That feeling was crushed the day I found out that my mum was the only person in my family not granted protection. We thought it was a mistake by the department. But unfortunately it wasn’t. They decided to leave my mum in limbo.”

Betia Shakiba - Refugee leader and human rights advocate